Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine is a new medical discipline, which is characterised by its multidisciplinary nature and realizes a social, preventive, curative and rehabilitation medicine programme whose purpose is the construction and/or reconstruction, of the individual psychophysical balance.

Aesthetic medicine deals with the cure of imperfections, but mostly has a preventive role in teaching the knowledge of your own body, its changes in the various stages of life, and the challenges submitted by genetic and environmental factors.

Its purpose is lead the patient in the research of a correct balance between body and mind, a very complex relation that is determined by the life quality of the person and his global wellness.

Aesthetic medicine exalt the combination between health and beauty because beauty means feeling good in your own skin and being in psychophysical balance. In fact, we all know or we can easily understand the entity of psychosomatic imbalances, which are produced by the individual because of aesthetical disorders.

So is also important the relation between doctor and patient. When you talk to an aesthetical doctor you tell him your discomforts, and the doctor suggests possible solutions after having figured out the problem from the diagnostic perspective using his professional competences. At this point, the patient choose with the doctor’s help the most appropriated solution to improve or solve the patient’s problem, becoming the co-protagonist of the treatment to follow.

So you need to think to the aesthetical doctor as a proposer of beauty understood as individual wellness; as who is able to harmonise the concerned part of the body by acting directly on the organism, recovering the compromised functions, stimulating the cellular regeneration, acting on the functional and postural balance and acting on regressive cellular processes.

The essentials points in this important field of action are:

  • The treatment of physical anomalies and constitutional aesthetical alterations
  • The treatment of anti-aesthetic abnormalities of diseases and traumatic accidents
  • The prevention of ageing and eventual psychophysical consequence
  • The constant education to a rational management of your own biological heritage, thanks to multidisciplinary programmes.


Its cutting-edge and totally safe methods allow to reconcile your look with your age, offering a non-aggressive option to the aesthetic surgery.

It uses non-surgical and non-invasive tools like chemical, manual and mechanical treatments to solve or decrease the discomfort that afflicts us, quick treatments that allow a rapid recovery of our own social activities.

The principal factor is to contact only experienced professionals. In fact, this type of treatments is only practiced by doctors who are specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology or Aesthetic Surgery.



The World Health Organisation define health “the state of physical, psychic and social wellness and not the simple absence of sickness” and consider it as a Right. We act for the improving of aesthetical defects because that can significantly contribute to improve the patient’s health.

Methods and techniques

The principals methods and techniques used in aesthetic medicine are :



  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Macrolane
  • Calcium hydroxyapatite
  • Neuromodulation with Botulinum toxin
  • Strings



  • PRP
  • PRP and Hyaluronic acid
  • PRP and Radiesse
  • PRP and hair
  • Lipofilling



  • Genetic tests
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Polymorphisms
  • School and pre-school sensibilisation to the correct nutrition



  • Laser
  • Shock waves
  • Cavitation
  • Electropolarization