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Welcome to the eHealth era

Surgeonspace srl is a new innovative company founded in Genoa – Italy  in 2014 by a team of experts with a mature  experience in health care services and medical education. 

To date the Management Team includes a senior professional expert in Medical Affairs, a Digital Marketing Manager and a Chief Technology Officer specialized in Hi-Tech solutions and Open Innovation.

Our mission is to catalyze expertise and smart ideas, coordinating and developing a professional network (researchers, entrepreneurs, public bodies, institutions and  academia)  to connect business to research, delivering  innovative solutions to hard problems in a new concept of Technology Transfer.

Our business mainly develops in two areas:

  • High Tech service (live surgeries, live streaming events, webinar, promotional video and
    conferences from start to finish, communicating the very essence of customer’s brand)
  • Business Intelligence and Technology scouting

Such areas are actually strictly connected, and allow us to provide our customer with an exhaustive support, since it is only on the field that the real needs of a company can be detected.

The intensive  competition led by the global economy requires new innovation processes and management skills able to  provide a variety of different services.

Surgeonspace bets since ever on multi-disciplinarity as well as on scouting worldwide the best practices or the latest innovation in healthcare.

This is the reason why Surgeonspace is a great example of how a company can combine different approaches,  collect  external ideas and inputs to enhance  innovation.



Multimedia Events Management

Technological Innovation and more than 10 years’ experience in the management of scientific events and medical congresses

Medical Lounge

Life science papers selected by our editorial staff

2D/3D Video Production

2D 3D Video Production Services. We also provide 3D modelling and animation for health care.

Customer Care

Surgeonspace turns a satisfied customer into an enthusiast offering great services based on a deep understanding of the customers needs.

Clinical Data Management

Project Management for Science


Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Websites