Live Streaming Webinar

A webinar (literally web seminar) is a live event granted through the net, which allows more people at the same time to connect live to attend an interactive lesson, a training course divided in more sessions, a workshop or a conference. Thanks to internet the webinar combines in a unique experience the comfort of enjoyment from home with the typical effectiveness and interactivity of a real event. Just like in a real classroom all participants have to meet at the pre-established time and are able to take action actively during the event to ask questions and share ideas.

For this particularity the service has been qualified the Interactive term. In fact, thanks to a particular directing mode, the user will be able to assist via web to the exposition of the Speaker/Professor, accompanied by his graphics presentation in high definition using appropriate video windows, with the exclusive possibility of asking questions, comments and suggestions in real time. Video and audio quality are eccellents even with a modest band effort. 

The Web Live Streaming is a service also called "video direct" which is suggested via web and offers the possibility to attend events like on television. But the Live Streaming for us is so much more: is bringing the observer to be part of the event becoming its co-protagonist.



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